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EDM 04 – Things That Are Trash: SAO & Chie



Seriously. You’re better than this, internet. Also on this episode, what gives you the weirdest boner?

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EDM 03 – Henrik Lundqvist Is More Handsome Than Rob Lowe


That’s right, after an unplanned hiatus we’re back, and we’re yelling a lot. By we, I mean myself, and my good friend Mike. You’ll get to know him, and you’ll love him as much as I do. In a totally heterosexual man-crush kinda way. This episode may be a bit more tech-focused than others, as we’re both IT guys. Also, since it’s only Mike and myself on this episode, there is no one to keep me in line, and it gets really offensive, really quickly.

Also, make sure you tune in Wednesday nights on the Nerdfit Network’s twitch stream to see me play games! Right now there’s a 20 minute or so video of me playing a pigeon dating sim. Yes. Seriously.

Anyway, good to be back guys. Good to be back.

EDM 127 – Lorde Whibbles

Lorde_WhibblesWoah, it’s been a while since we podcasted! But I haven’t forgotten about you guys, not one bit. Ok, well, maybe a little bit. But I remember now. I remember everything. And I’m telling on you. You monster. Anyway, join Chris, Whitney, Erik, and myself as we discuss the finer points of Sanford and Son. No, seriously.


EDM 122: Whibbles = Scarface


Forgive us, listeners, I know it’s been far too long again, but we’ve all been super busy doing awesome stuff so that we have content to talk about! Obviously the biggest news this week is the Steambox / SteamOS. And on that on topic, we have a brand spanking new EDM Bet between Chris and I! And you get to hear about me testing the structural integrity of my office ceiling! I know, that all sounds super exciting!








EDM 114: R.I.P. Sandwiches



Join Mark and I on this special Memorial podcast as we mourn the death of Whitney “Scorpion Woman” [redacted].

In reality, you can hear my initial impressions about Bioshock Infinite, and Mark re-tell his live-action viewing of Blade Runner on top of a pub!

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EDM 112: King Of The North

That promotion was short lived.Welcome to episode 112 of Electric Dream Machine, wherein Mark, Whitney and myself discuss Starcraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm, Kingdom Hearts re-release, and, as you’ve come to expect by now, lots and lots of making fun of Erik while he’s not around.

So if that’s you’re thing, and you’re a soulless being like us, you’ll love this action-packed episode of Electric Dream Machine!


EDM 111: Sherlock Ice


Vanilla Ice was a great many things to this nation, yet he doesn’t get nearly the credit he deserves. The man was a visionary. A VISIONARY I TELL YOU. Anyway, welcome us back from an unplanned, yet necessary hiatus for our second official FKPD episode! Aren’t you excited? I know I am. Well, long story short, the PS4 was announced this week, so you can bet we talk about that at pretty great length. There’s the other usual insanity too, if that’s more your style. So what are you waiting for? Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

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Say hello to the first EDM of the year, and the first ever EDM here at Fat Kids Playing Dodgeball! It’s a fantastic episode where we talk about classy things for classy people. You know, movies, video games, comics, the usual. Anyway, let us know what you think!

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