Month: August 2014

Guest Post: Why I Hate The Internet This Week- Zoe Quinn

-This article was written by guest writer Kevin Murphy. The views expressed herein are his own, and do no represent views held by FKPD or it’s staff:

Let’s talk about Zoe Quinn, Phil “Fuck All Yall Including All Yall” Fish, /v/, feminism, SJWs, white-knighting, and personal space today. For those of you who don’t know, and I had to be informed about this week’s proceedings by resident booze-sink [Ed Note: I resent this] Brandon Ferris, let me explain what happened.

EDM Season Two, Episode One. The Whitney Houston Memorial Podcast 2: Robin Williams


Do your eyes deceive you? Well, maybe. I’m not optometrist. I’m just a dude with a podcast, and the greatest co-hosts to ever grace the internet. Seriously, though, guys, eye care is legit. You should get a check up every year. My Grandma has Glaucoma, darn near blind now. Real talk. See a doctor.

Oh, right, the re-launch of the podcast! So I’ve decided to come out of retirement and bring back everyone’s favorite podcast for horrible people that love horrible things. As you can tell from the title, we didn’t change much. We’re still obviously your one stop for clean, christian, non-offensive debates on things like the local farmers markets, and which One Direction band member we think is the cutest.

I hope you enjoy!

P.S. – I know the audio quality is terrible, I had my air conditioner on, so I didn’t realize what it was picking up. I’ll do a better job next time, I promise!