Month: September 2013

EDM 122: Whibbles = Scarface


Forgive us, listeners, I know it’s been far too long again, but we’ve all been super busy doing awesome stuff so that we have content to talk about! Obviously the biggest news this week is the Steambox / SteamOS. And on that on topic, we have a brand spanking new EDM Bet between Chris and I! And you get to hear about me testing the structural integrity of my office ceiling! I know, that all sounds super exciting!

EDM 121 – Dickwolves Anonymous



DISCLAIMER: If you are in the “anti-dickwolves” camp, and hate/boycott/dislike Penny Arcade, you may wish to ignore this episode. I can assure you that you will not agree with my views;

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, we can talk. This episode may upset you. This episode may not. I don’t presume to judge you all, but I have the feeling I have a very unpopular opinion. But Dickwolves and the whole controversy isn’t the only thing we talk about, we also take about the single greatest MMO to date, Final Fantasy XIV. So, come for the MMO, stay for the dickwolves. Or don’t.