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Guest Post: Why I Hate The Internet This Week- Zoe Quinn

-This article was written by guest writer Kevin Murphy. The views expressed herein are his own, and do no represent views held by FKPD or it’s staff:

Let’s talk about Zoe Quinn, Phil “Fuck All Yall Including All Yall” Fish, /v/, feminism, SJWs, white-knighting, and personal space today. For those of you who don’t know, and I had to be informed about this week’s proceedings by resident booze-sink [Ed Note: I resent this] Brandon Ferris, let me explain what happened.


EDM Live IV: Sharknado Essentials
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The greatest D&D night ever.

Hey guys,

So, I threw this up on Facebook, and people were complaining about the lack of hi-res. As this material could be considered inappropriate in some circles, I decided to host it here, on FKPD, where, if you’re reading this, you probably have no soul anyway.

I swear to you, every detail in this thread is absolutely real. This was absolutely a night that happened in my D & D group. It was amazing & horrible at the same time.

If you guys like this stuff, let me know, I’ll start keeping tabs of our D&D exploits, and keep you all in the loop.