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EDM 126: Fields Of Dick

I’m pretty sure we set some kind of record for “the most serious podcast we’ve ever done” here. Minus of course, the dick thing. There’s a lot of dick jokes in this episode too. But I digress, our main topic of this episode is indeed, the internet being a bunch of douche bags to women. So, trigger warnings y’all. You’ve been warned.

I did this at work, too.

Ponies with Perez

What’s up, shit sniffers? How’s that Steam Sale treating you and your wallet? Mine hasn’t been too bad so far. Thankfully I’ve got people that stop me from throwing away all my money now at a moment’s notice. I can’t help it, really. It’s like… take Nether for example.

I know it’s not that great.

I know it’s just a War Z reskin.

I know right now it’s having major issues with hackers and log in fails.


I fear what would become of me without adult supervision.

Anyway, though, better late than pregnant, here it is:

ponies with perez

Ponies with Perez

What’s up, cum guzzlers? I’m Chris, and holy shit what the fuck is up with the Jets? This team is killing me. One week they look amazing, and the next they look like shit. And against the Bills? Seriously?

And don’t get me started on Geno. It’s like at first he truly is Spartacus, leading us to victory, then the next game comes, and he not only reinforces the old black QB stereotype, but he makes me wish for the likes of JaMarcus Russell.

Ponies with Perez

ponies with perez


Welcome to my first review of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As you may well already know, I lost a bet with Brandon, and per the stipulations, I must now write a review for every single episode of the show’s first season. Going into this I should state I am not a fan of the show, having never seen an episode. All I know about the show is from the Brony culture that I’ve seen on the internet, and I must say, I’m a little bit apprehensive going into this. Never the less, I shall dive in with an open mind.