EDM 04 – Things That Are Trash: SAO & Chie



Seriously. You’re better than this, internet. Also on this episode, what gives you the weirdest boner?

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EDM 03 – Henrik Lundqvist Is More Handsome Than Rob Lowe


That’s right, after an unplanned hiatus we’re back, and we’re yelling a lot. By we, I mean myself, and my good friend Mike. You’ll get to know him, and you’ll love him as much as I do. In a totally heterosexual man-crush kinda way. This episode may be a bit more tech-focused than others, as we’re both IT guys. Also, since it’s only Mike and myself on this episode, there is no one to keep me in line, and it gets really offensive, really quickly.

Also, make sure you tune in Wednesday nights on the Nerdfit Network’s twitch stream to see me play games! Right now there’s a 20 minute or so video of me playing a pigeon dating sim. Yes. Seriously.

Anyway, good to be back guys. Good to be back.


So, Destiny came out between now and our last podcast. So I find myself at the crossroads of being a responsible adult and actually typing up a post, with the hightlights of the podcast, or blowing that off to play Destiny and drink beer. I think we both know that as a responsible adult, I will most definitely take the time to write the show notes and create a quality post about the epis


Guest Post: Why I Hate The Internet This Week- Zoe Quinn

-This article was written by guest writer Kevin Murphy. The views expressed herein are his own, and do no represent views held by FKPD or it’s staff:

Let’s talk about Zoe Quinn, Phil “Fuck All Yall Including All Yall” Fish, /v/, feminism, SJWs, white-knighting, and personal space today. For those of you who don’t know, and I had to be informed about this week’s proceedings by resident booze-sink [Ed Note: I resent this] Brandon Ferris, let me explain what happened.

EDM Season Two, Episode One. The Whitney Houston Memorial Podcast 2: Robin Williams


Do your eyes deceive you? Well, maybe. I’m not optometrist. I’m just a dude with a podcast, and the greatest co-hosts to ever grace the internet. Seriously, though, guys, eye care is legit. You should get a check up every year. My Grandma has Glaucoma, darn near blind now. Real talk. See a doctor.

Oh, right, the re-launch of the podcast! So I’ve decided to come out of retirement and bring back everyone’s favorite podcast for horrible people that love horrible things. As you can tell from the title, we didn’t change much. We’re still obviously your one stop for clean, christian, non-offensive debates on things like the local farmers markets, and which One Direction band member we think is the cutest.

I hope you enjoy!

P.S. – I know the audio quality is terrible, I had my air conditioner on, so I didn’t realize what it was picking up. I’ll do a better job next time, I promise!




I know right about now you’re expecting a blurb about the contents of this episode, but I refuse. I will only leave you with this one, undeniable truth of the universe: Mechagodzilla is the best robot ever.

EDM 127 – Lorde Whibbles

Lorde_WhibblesWoah, it’s been a while since we podcasted! But I haven’t forgotten about you guys, not one bit. Ok, well, maybe a little bit. But I remember now. I remember everything. And I’m telling on you. You monster. Anyway, join Chris, Whitney, Erik, and myself as we discuss the finer points of Sanford and Son. No, seriously.


EDM 126: Fields Of Dick

I’m pretty sure we set some kind of record for “the most serious podcast we’ve ever done” here. Minus of course, the dick thing. There’s a lot of dick jokes in this episode too. But I digress, our main topic of this episode is indeed, the internet being a bunch of douche bags to women. So, trigger warnings y’all. You’ve been warned.

I did this at work, too.

Ponies with Perez

What’s up, shit sniffers? How’s that Steam Sale treating you and your wallet? Mine hasn’t been too bad so far. Thankfully I’ve got people that stop me from throwing away all my money now at a moment’s notice. I can’t help it, really. It’s like… take Nether for example.

I know it’s not that great.

I know it’s just a War Z reskin.

I know right now it’s having major issues with hackers and log in fails.


I fear what would become of me without adult supervision.

Anyway, though, better late than pregnant, here it is:

ponies with perez




In what hopefully is the first of many live action podcast recordings, join Chris, Whibbles, and I as we share our thoughts on the Penny-Arcade job posting, the Fallout ARG, Game Of The Generation, and a new EDM bet is made…